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deceptive drawings

There is only so much we can know about another person.
We only know what they tell us, or what we hear about them.
We almost never know what they’re really thinking or who they really are.

Deception is such a familiar part of life to the point where we don’t even realize we’re being tricked.
We don’t even know we’re the ones tricking.



Just the word “deception” might make being deceived sound like a bad thing, but it really isn’t.
It’s a way for people to keep their lives personal; to let their thoughts be their own and kept to themselves.

For someone like me, someone who isn’t comfortable sharing who I am with people I don’t really know, I end up deceiving others all the time, whether it’s with my silence or my misdirection.

I guess this doesn’t really help because when I am with those I am comfortable with, I end up spilling out all of my secrets, being left with a lot of regret and TMI moments.



That’s just who I am I guess.

Everyone gives out as much information about themselves as they want to, but no matter what, they’re probably keeping some things to themselves. They’re not really who they seem, only who they want other people to see, and I think that’s OK.

Keep it mysterious.
Keep it fresh.
No one needs to know everything about you.

All they need to know is what you want them to know.

I guess a different way of looking at this is the old cliche saying “Ignorance is bliss.”



Marcello Barenghi’s hyperrealistic drawings deceive you right off the bat.
These everyday objects look so authentic that you’ll just want to pick them up and play some cards, but in reality,
they aren’t at all what they seem.
They’re art, flat on a piece of paper that don’t really give you the tangible satisfaction of the object
like how a person wouldn’t give you the whole truth about themselves.

They’re amazingly detailed and perfectly shadowed, similar to a human being; they’ll fool you every time.



Check out Barenghi’s work and speed drawings on: http://www.marcellobarenghi.com/



don’t overthink it


Life is definitely not simple.

Life is intricate, messy, and complicated.
There’s nothing you can do to avoid it.
Just…don’t overthink it.



Thus conscience does make cowards of us all,
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprises of great pith and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry,
And lose the name of action.

-Shakespeare, Hamlet (Act III, Scene I)

Overthinking can mess you up.
It stops you from being naturally impulsive and passionate.
Doubtful thoughts start clouding your judgement, leaving no room for action, and then all of a sudden
BOOM, you’ll never end up doing what you wanted to do.



These playful illustrations by Javier Perez are great representations of simplicity in this complex world.
Perez takes everyday objects and draws around them, creating whimsical photos he posts on Instagram.



Overthinking things can get stressful, but these uncomplicated drawings are direct and straightforward; something you might need during those nerve-wracking points in your life.




Illustrations by Javier Perez: http://instagram.com/cintascotch

the glass cabin


There’s really nothing better than having natural light flood into your house.



This amazing piece of artwork was built by Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz in West Virginia.
This couple did a very risky thing: they quit their jobs in pursuit of creativity.
That’s just plain crazy talk.

Living in an area and time where getting a steady job is highly recommended puts a lot of pressure on my generation.
There’s a cookie cutter way of life that is expected in suburbia; sometimes that feels safe and sometimes that feels constricting.

When this couple quit their jobs to build this house made of windows, they were doing it for the sake of doing it, not because they felt obligated to.

Through resourcefulness and innovation, they were able to build this cabin at around $500, using mostly re-purposed materials and having very modest meals. The goal of creating a piece of art at any cost (like their jobs) is very admirable.
Not many nowadays (especially in this economy) would give up work to go after their dreams.


The beauty in persevering is undeniable.
Seeking out some sort of personal satisfaction through art is what drives the creative brains of the world.
When a design is set in an ambitious mind, there’s nothing that can stop them.



Check out this short documentary on the artists and their journey:

living within the interweb


“…the Internet and digital technology has been integrated into nearly every part of our lives and will only continue to become more and more present in our daily routines.” -Mark Dorf

The internet isn’t just some sort of fad or new toy to play with when you’re bored, it’s become a lifestyle for many, many people.
I don’t even know where to begin; how do I go about explaining how important the internet has become?
Well first of all, you’re here right now reading this, so I can only assume you’ve finished reading everything else the internet has to offer and decided to settle here for a pleasant way to end your day, and for that, I thank you.

And that weird self-deprecating line leads to an important point: the internet has so much information to offer.
It’s mind-blowing how much you can learn from the internet.
If one goes about it the right way, one can learn more from the internet than in 15 minutes than from a whole day at school.
It’s just so convenient. Millions of articles and stories and facts, all at our fast-typing fingertips!
I don’t even remember the last time I didn’t know something and I went to book to look the information up.
You know what I did?
I Googled it.
Even the fact that “Googled” has become a VERB is crazy. The internet has had SO much influence on our lives.



I believe the greatest influence the internet has had on my life is my sense of community.
Through social networking sites, I feel even closer to those I barely ever get to see in person.
I’ve connected and learned so much more about people than I would’ve before, and I feel very lucky to have that opportunity.

The opportunities of connecting with new people are growing even more as technology is introduced more frequently into classrooms and workplaces. It’s so exciting how so many people are going to get the chance to get their names out there for the world to discover. There’s nothing better than branding yourself successfully in this digital age.



The incorporation of digital photography into natural landscapes by Mark Dorf is one of the greatest representations of how technology has been absorbed into daily life I have ever seen.
Wow that was a long sentence.

Through geometric and synthetic shapes, Dorf contrasts technology and the environment in a very interesting, star trek meets hatchet, kind of way.



I think Dorf describes his artwork best:
“Focusing on the landscape and our modern digital language, I seek to understand our aggressive capture and digitization of our surroundings through very basic use of pure color and the native tools of contemporary digital imaging that we use to create meaning and manipulation in mass media.”



Images by Mark Dorf: http://www.mdorf.com/index.html
Portfolio: //_PATH


They’re everywhere.
News. People. Objects. They’re never going to leave us alone.

What we need to do is focus.


Focus on what’s important.

You can’t let someone, who may or may not have good intentions, stray you from your path.
Believe in what you want to believe.
Don’t let other manipulate you or distract you from what you really know.
Keep faith in who and what you love.

Getting distracted can lead you down a bad path.
A path that might not have that U-turn you may desperately need.
Distractions can suck you in deeper and deeper until you end up doing things you regret.

Once you’re there, there’s no going back.

The best thing to do is to try not to get distracted in the first place.
Stay focused and true to who you are and what you believe in.

Distractions can be very dangerous.



Portraits by Dan Witz: http://www.danwitz.com/index.php?article_id=11

unwoven light

This mesmerizing installation by Soo Sunny Park is something that I can’t stop looking at.
It’s so simple yet so intricate and beautiful.
It’s as if you’re in another world; one with playful light and eye-catching features.



“I know that I’m here, but there’s this feeling that I’m always looking out from the inside out, so there’s that feeling of the space in between. There’s the physical reality and then there’s the ideal reality.” – Park



Throughout the day the artwork changes as the Plexiglas catches the light in different ways.
It  constantly creates a completely different space where people can walk around and explore.


The innovation of taking normal, everyday materials like Plexiglas, chain link fencing, and natural light, and then transforming them into shimmering art is really awe-inspiring.
This inspires me to want to do something just as innovative.
Innovation is everywhere, I just need to find a need worth supplying.

Park supplied beautiful art, a need the world will always have.

The following video is just as artistic as the art piece itself:



the art of organization





This collection of photos called “The Art of Clean Up: Life of the Neat and Tidy” was created by Swiss neat-freak Ursus Wehrli.
It’s a very eye-catching portfolio of pairs of photos: one of complete normalcy, and one with it’s “mess” all straightened out.

Everything is laid out in exact categorical, color-coordinated order, ready for your eyes to assess the situation without straining to even understand what’s going on.
It makes the tiny little obsessive-compulsive lady in my head feel really really good.





There’s always this unspoken goal of coordination in life that almost everyone has.
Whether it’s in our work, social life, or mind; we all strive for some type of organization somewhere.

But, reality check: complete organization in all aspects of life is pretty unattainable.

You may never know what kind of crazy messed-up curveball the universe will throw at you at any moment because the universe doesn’t care if you have a big test tomorrow that will determine your future. (Don’t worry. It  won’t.)
All it cares about is being in a constant state of confusion.

Go with the flow.
If you can’t schedule your whole life into your phone calendar, then don’t.
Keep things exciting and spontaneous. But don’t forget your priorities.
You’ll know when you have the perfect balance of both; you’ll be happy with who and where you are in life.

Being happy is the best thing you can ever do for yourself.


autumn: the time for change


Autumn. Fall. The Transition into Winter. Whatever you wanna call it.
Under any name it is still and will always be, to me, my favorite season of the year.
I say this now because it’s a change.
Just wait until Spring, then THAT will be my favorite season of the year because it’ll be a change then.
Change is good.

The leaves change color, the weather gets a little chillier, the layers of clothes start piling onto bodies.
So much is changing so quickly and so obviously.
This is the time for change.

Lately I can’t get out of my head the idea of change.
I’m currently a senior in high school, which means one of the biggest changes in my life is coming up: buying new clothes for winter.
Ha, no. Just kidding. I can worry about that later.
But really though. As a senior in high school, the next couple months will be leading up to me being an adult.
Being independent.
Being on my own in college.


I’m so frikkin’ scared I can’t handle it.

Sometimes I just stop whatever I’m doing and think about what I’m going to be doing in exactly one year and it’s just crazy how different things are going to be from the past almost-4 years I’ve spent in this competitive, sheltered, safe public high school.
How the heck am I going to survive in the “real” world???????????

I’m so excited though, I can’t handle it.

I’m going to be meeting new people, discovering new things, having new experiences, and all of that is going to come from me becoming an adult. I mean, I guess that happens on a daily, but it’s definitely going to be on a different type of daily next year, if that makes sense.

Things are going to change and I have to accept embrace it.


But what if autumn never ended.
What if the seasons never changed.
What if we were stuck with this same setting for the rest of our lives.

Then we wouldn’t get excited about anything anymore.
Nothing new or interesting would occur.
No one would have anything to look forward to.


Let’s face it though. Change is necessary and unavoidable.
We can’t go through life denying the inescapable horror we call Change.

We need to prepare the sacrifices for this monster and smother it with love in hopes that it will treat us right, because really, once it’s here, there’s nothing we can do about it.



Photography by Jonah Reenders: http://jonahreenders.tumblr.com/



So over the weekend I was incredibly lucky enough to go hear these guys play a lot of fun bouncy music, and now I’m currently going through a post-concert “depression” in which Vampire Weekend’s music is on repeat and I’m cuddling in my new Vampire Weekend pullover I bought for many amounts of cash I am not proud to say I paid. As I remind myself that cash is dispensable and memories are for a lifetime, I also relive the moments with my friends at the concert, freaking out about how close Ezra Koenig was to me, but yet so so far.

Seriously though. From where I was sitting he was smaller than my nail. I had recently cut my nails.

Throughout the very long night and the very short concert, I started thinking about how far they’ve come in this hard-pressed entertainment industry, while still staying super rad.


With some research and my own personal knowledge about them, I’ve decided to share with you a brief history about Vampire Weekend and how they came to be awesome.

The year they became Vampire Weekend and played shows around Columbia University in New York. Their different, unique, super weird sound is influenced by the unexpected combo of punk rock and African music. Let’s not question it.

Their song “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” got onto the top “100 Best Songs of the Year.”
Their fame has begun.

Their first self-titled album came out, including the infamous Just Dance-popularized song “A-Punk.”
As we listen to the song, let us reenact the dance moves from Wii’s Just Dance and remember all of the fun times we had failing at that game because “the controller wasn’t connecting to the sensor bar, I swear, I’m actually really good at dancing.”

Contra, VW’s second album, was released and became the band’s first album to get to #1 on the Billboard 200!!!! Nothing more exciting than the rising fame of a band that deserves it.

They released some new singles and all of the car companies decided to take their music and put them into all of their commercials. At least that’s what I thought was happening. Whenever a smooth Honda rolled onto the TV screen, so did Vampire Weekend’s hit song “Holiday.”
Car commercials always have the best music. Seriously.

They’re working on some new music and being super secretive about it.

Let’s give them some space and time, OK. I’m sure it’ll be great.

OK it’s great.
Modern Vampires of the City was finally released in May and, man, is it awesome.
I completely recommend going out and buying their music, or staying in and buying their music.
Either way you should go buy their music.
It’s such a good mix of interesting messages, fun beats, and cool experimental sounds.
This new album debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts, making this their SECOND time as #1.


In conclusion, Vampire Weekend is way too cool for words, but I tried.
Now go listen to their music, please. You won’t regret it.



first post: flickering lights reprise

So for my first post I thought it would be nice to post one of my favorite videos right now. It’s such a simple but meaningful idea that was created into art and I love it.

I recently found this video after a long chain of youtube videos starting with the new DON JON movie trailer. I’ve always admired JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT for his acting, creativity, and now his innovation. He’s created this up-and-coming internet company called HITRECORD that’s been a great creative outlet for many artists in the world. I’m pretty sure I watched like 20 of their youtube videos; practically everything they do is cool and super interesting!

This video is one of my favorites because of the collaboration and the level of calmness it instills through poetry.

Watch it and be mesmerized.


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