cosmopolitan cuisine

by justineshungry



This past weekend, after eating too much and reading about the plain food served in the book 1984, I really appreciated all that I had to eat.

I absolutely LOVE eating. Every meal and every snack is an exciting journey my taste buds are ready to go on. There’s nothing bad I can say about eating except that the two extremes (over-eating & under-eating) are definitely not recommended.



The foodie inside of me screamed when she saw these photos of countries made of their popular food; it’s like eating with your eyes! The detail put into making these maps as topographically accurate as possible is quite an amazing feat.


My favorite country out of all of the maps has to be France, not because I’m currently learning the language or because I’m in love with the country, but because it’s entirely made out of cheese and crackers, and I LOVE cheese and crackers.



After reading up on the artists of these awesome maps, I found that their inspiration was their passion for traveling, something I could really relate to (obviously by my two “map” posts in a row).

Lately, not only have I been wanting to try new food/restaurants every weekend with my friends, but I’ve also had this huge ache to travel or go camping somewhere. Every year my family and I take a big trip to a foreign country, but this summer is my last one at home, so we’ve decided to keep it chill. I think it might be a little hard for me though because traveling is practically in my DNA; it pushes me to have new experiences and during the slow anticipation towards graduation all I want right now is a new experience.

I’m hoping looking at map artwork and gorgeous landscapes can help ease the pain.




Check out this video on how Food Maps was made!

Enjoy these tasty artwork and keep on eating!



Food Maps by Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin: