light in the heart of darkness

by justineshungry

evolution #03

evolution #02

“And outside, the silent wilderness surrounding this cleared speck on the earth struck me as something great and invincible, like evil or truth, waiting patiently for the passing away of this fantastic invasion.” – Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

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evolution #04

The wilderness at night becomes a whole new world; the transition is striking.
But into the depths of the darkness, we realize there is always light, especially here in Rune Guneriussen’s lamp installation into nature.

No matter how hard times may get, or how bleak life may seem, there will always be something that can brighten up your day.

an upward displacement

capacity to breed and recover

Rune Guneriussen, a Norwegian conceptual artist, combines installation art and photography in her work.
He brings light into her landscape photography with a whimsical use of lamps in different settings.

His work really captures the feeling of hope that leads our lives to better times.


paris 011

I am truly in awe of Guneriussen’s work here; the effort and time he puts into arranging the lamps in the most ideal way evokes so many feelings in a way that only really well-thought out ideas do.

The images are so deeply relatable because of the great contrast between technology & nature and light & dark.
Our lives have become a constant tug & pull between these things, but it is almost impossible to live without the other.

the beauty of the elderly

decompose absorbing matter

It’s difficult to completely express my feelings that come from looking at these images because everyone has different feelings about art, but basically I feel calm and hopeful; the messages are subtle but the work is unique which is why it’s one of my favorite installations to date.

ravnen skiriker over lavlandet

Don’t forget, there will always be light in the heart of darkness.



Conceptual photography by Rune Guneriussen: