floral arrangements

by justineshungry


It’s been 4 days since you got that bouquet of roses.
They’re displayed on your countertop in full bloom, looking almost better than when you first received them.
Valentine’s Day has passed but the feelings haven’t.



I’ve always felt like gift-giving was an opportunity for me to show my affection for a person through material form.
Gift-giving is one of my favorite but hardest things to do.
The thought I put into a gift for one person frustrates me because I truly want to give the perfect gift (within my budget, of course).
It may take me hours or even days to think of what to get someone.
The process is long and tiring, but it’s always worth it in the end.



One of the key ways to getting the perfect gift  is to get them something they would never buy themselves, but you know they would enjoy. The gift should relate to anything in their life that may seem somewhat small but is actually very significant to who they are as an individual.

I find that if you can buy something you would totally want to keep for yourself, but then give it away as a present for someone who has the same interests, means you’ve found the perfect gift.

Writing out what exactly you plan to get for who (and if you’re even more prepared, where you’re getting the gift from) helps the process of actually going out and finding it much easier.
It’s like what Emily Blinco does in her prints of flowers: she lays everything out nice and neat to create an aesthetically pleasing picture.
Try to create your gift-giving adventure as aesthetically and emotionally pleasing as you can, because this should be a fun, exciting event, not stressful like most ads around the holidays make it out to be.



It may be difficult to find the “perfect” gift, and it may take a while, but the satisfaction that comes from successfully representing your feelings for someone through objects feels incredible.

Just remember to arrange everything ahead of time so you don’t find yourself in line at your local Bath & Body Works holding a generic gift set for someone very important to you.



Photographs by Emily Blinco aka sugartowne:
http://www.etsy.com/shop/sugartowne – the garden collection