knits like teen spirit

by justineshungry

progress is an art i have yet to master

Hello world.
I’m currently working on a project that I’m pretty excited about, but shhhh….it’s a secret.

This isn’t going to be a regular art post so please be prepared for many more words than pictures.
Don’t worry though, I’ll get back on track soon enough.


Have you ever heard of a phenomena called yarn bombing?
It’s this amazing thing in which knitters knit long pieces and attach them in a public area to make the place 100x more whimsical and fun!
It’s super harmless and super cute, and I’m hoping to do that at my school next month.

Here’s an example of quality yarnbombing:


My school is the most spirited school in its district, so I feel it is only fit to yarn bomb my school colors during our spirit week we like to call “Baron Games.”
I can already envision it: two of the main poles at the entrance of our outdoor auditorium covered in soft blue and gold material.

The idea is fairly simple too, just knit ’til my fingers hurt before the middle of March and put them up Sunday night, easy-peasy right?
Well for me, not really.
I guess you can say I have this little problem called bad time management.
I only think about what needs to be done that day, and I keep putting off this project!
It’s so hard for me to think this far in the future, but now all of a sudden it’s coming up already!
I’m kind of freaking out, but then I’m thinking “I have a test this Friday that I need to study for.”
The cycle is endless.

Because it may be too late in the game for me to recruit anymore people to help knit, (I made a Facebook group that currently has 4 members, including me) I’m thinking I should just work on this on my own.
The amount of knitting shouldn’t take too long and I’m sure someone will help me put them up the week of.
All I need to do now is take measurements and get the yarn.
Maybe if I keep all of the tasks small and spread out, I’ll actually get this done????
We’ll see.


I’m planning on contacting a local yarnbombing group to see where they get their yarn in bulk, and hopefully get some donations/help for my project! If that doesn’t work out, I’m perfectly content with paying for yarn on my own if it means school spirit will rise because of my project.

My biggest worry though is the chance that Supervision at my school may take it down, but I’m trying not to think about that too much.
Yarn is harmless, right? Why would they even bother taking it down?
I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.
I’ll never get to find out what happens if I don’t try.

Progress is an art I have yet to master, but now that I’ve addressed all of my problems, I feel ready to move forward.


I will be updating this blog post as more progress is made, so feel free to look back on this post to see what happens!