inches above earth

by justineshungry



Have you ever finally noticed something that has always been there?
Something that has gone unnoticed for such a long time until you just happen to be looking in that direction?

The world around us is filled with objects whose only purpose is to use up space.
What happens when we’re done looking at these trinkets?

They’re easily forgotten and left to be covered in dust.



Similar to people, the idea that just because things aren’t seen or noticed doesn’t mean they’re not there.
The silence that comes out of that timid person’s mouth doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have anything to say, it might just mean they don’t know how to word it. What they need is courage.

Courage is an essential part of getting one’s ideas out into the world.



When I write, I always end up drafting and re-drafting my posts for days before finally deciding to publish it.
It’s difficult to be brave enough to let the world, or in my case my 5 people audience, read my thoughts and opinions.
Personally, I just don’t want to offend anyone or be judged harshly; But how does that help me.
How would keeping quiet ever help me progress my ideas and share them with others who are actually interested in them?
Leaving my feelings in the dark would mean I’m not contributing anything special that’s my own into the world.

I wouldn’t be sending out my individual beliefs to a world that craves uniqueness but always ends up conforming.
I don’t want to be left unnoticed, accumulating dust on the shelf of untold thoughts.



Michael Reese had the concept to take combine his love for aviation and the unnoticed world around our feet
to create this collection of whimsical photos.
He took a unique viewpoint of the world and created something original and different, something most people appreciate.

These low-leveled (location, not quality) pictures keep us grounded, literally, to see what our eyes don’t normally look for.



Photography by Michael Reese: