deceptive drawings

by justineshungry

There is only so much we can know about another person.
We only know what they tell us, or what we hear about them.
We almost never know what they’re really thinking or who they really are.

Deception is such a familiar part of life to the point where we don’t even realize we’re being tricked.
We don’t even know we’re the ones tricking.



Just the word “deception” might make being deceived sound like a bad thing, but it really isn’t.
It’s a way for people to keep their lives personal; to let their thoughts be their own and kept to themselves.

For someone like me, someone who isn’t comfortable sharing who I am with people I don’t really know, I end up deceiving others all the time, whether it’s with my silence or my misdirection.

I guess this doesn’t really help because when I am with those I am comfortable with, I end up spilling out all of my secrets, being left with a lot of regret and TMI moments.



That’s just who I am I guess.

Everyone gives out as much information about themselves as they want to, but no matter what, they’re probably keeping some things to themselves. They’re not really who they seem, only who they want other people to see, and I think that’s OK.

Keep it mysterious.
Keep it fresh.
No one needs to know everything about you.

All they need to know is what you want them to know.

I guess a different way of looking at this is the old cliche saying “Ignorance is bliss.”



Marcello Barenghi’s hyperrealistic drawings deceive you right off the bat.
These everyday objects look so authentic that you’ll just want to pick them up and play some cards, but in reality,
they aren’t at all what they seem.
They’re art, flat on a piece of paper that don’t really give you the tangible satisfaction of the object
like how a person wouldn’t give you the whole truth about themselves.

They’re amazingly detailed and perfectly shadowed, similar to a human being; they’ll fool you every time.



Check out Barenghi’s work and speed drawings on: