the glass cabin

by justineshungry


There’s really nothing better than having natural light flood into your house.



This amazing piece of artwork was built by Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz in West Virginia.
This couple did a very risky thing: they quit their jobs in pursuit of creativity.
That’s just plain crazy talk.

Living in an area and time where getting a steady job is highly recommended puts a lot of pressure on my generation.
There’s a cookie cutter way of life that is expected in suburbia; sometimes that feels safe and sometimes that feels constricting.

When this couple quit their jobs to build this house made of windows, they were doing it for the sake of doing it, not because they felt obligated to.

Through resourcefulness and innovation, they were able to build this cabin at around $500, using mostly re-purposed materials and having very modest meals. The goal of creating a piece of art at any cost (like their jobs) is very admirable.
Not many nowadays (especially in this economy) would give up work to go after their dreams.


The beauty in persevering is undeniable.
Seeking out some sort of personal satisfaction through art is what drives the creative brains of the world.
When a design is set in an ambitious mind, there’s nothing that can stop them.



Check out this short documentary on the artists and their journey: