living within the interweb

by justineshungry


“…the Internet and digital technology has been integrated into nearly every part of our lives and will only continue to become more and more present in our daily routines.” -Mark Dorf

The internet isn’t just some sort of fad or new toy to play with when you’re bored, it’s become a lifestyle for many, many people.
I don’t even know where to begin; how do I go about explaining how important the internet has become?
Well first of all, you’re here right now reading this, so I can only assume you’ve finished reading everything else the internet has to offer and decided to settle here for a pleasant way to end your day, and for that, I thank you.

And that weird self-deprecating line leads to an important point: the internet has so much information to offer.
It’s mind-blowing how much you can learn from the internet.
If one goes about it the right way, one can learn more from the internet than in 15 minutes than from a whole day at school.
It’s just so convenient. Millions of articles and stories and facts, all at our fast-typing fingertips!
I don’t even remember the last time I didn’t know something and I went to book to look the information up.
You know what I did?
I Googled it.
Even the fact that “Googled” has become a VERB is crazy. The internet has had SO much influence on our lives.



I believe the greatest influence the internet has had on my life is my sense of community.
Through social networking sites, I feel even closer to those I barely ever get to see in person.
I’ve connected and learned so much more about people than I would’ve before, and I feel very lucky to have that opportunity.

The opportunities of connecting with new people are growing even more as technology is introduced more frequently into classrooms and workplaces. It’s so exciting how so many people are going to get the chance to get their names out there for the world to discover. There’s nothing better than branding yourself successfully in this digital age.



The incorporation of digital photography into natural landscapes by Mark Dorf is one of the greatest representations of how technology has been absorbed into daily life I have ever seen.
Wow that was a long sentence.

Through geometric and synthetic shapes, Dorf contrasts technology and the environment in a very interesting, star trek meets hatchet, kind of way.



I think Dorf describes his artwork best:
“Focusing on the landscape and our modern digital language, I seek to understand our aggressive capture and digitization of our surroundings through very basic use of pure color and the native tools of contemporary digital imaging that we use to create meaning and manipulation in mass media.”



Images by Mark Dorf:
Portfolio: //_PATH