unwoven light

by justineshungry

This mesmerizing installation by Soo Sunny Park is something that I can’t stop looking at.
It’s so simple yet so intricate and beautiful.
It’s as if you’re in another world; one with playful light and eye-catching features.



“I know that I’m here, but there’s this feeling that I’m always looking out from the inside out, so there’s that feeling of the space in between. There’s the physical reality and then there’s the ideal reality.” – Park



Throughout the day the artwork changes as the Plexiglas catches the light in different ways.
It  constantly creates a completely different space where people can walk around and explore.


The innovation of taking normal, everyday materials like Plexiglas, chain link fencing, and natural light, and then transforming them into shimmering art is really awe-inspiring.
This inspires me to want to do something just as innovative.
Innovation is everywhere, I just need to find a need worth supplying.

Park supplied beautiful art, a need the world will always have.

The following video is just as artistic as the art piece itself: