the art of organization

by justineshungry





This collection of photos called “The Art of Clean Up: Life of the Neat and Tidy” was created by Swiss neat-freak Ursus Wehrli.
It’s a very eye-catching portfolio of pairs of photos: one of complete normalcy, and one with it’s “mess” all straightened out.

Everything is laid out in exact categorical, color-coordinated order, ready for your eyes to assess the situation without straining to even understand what’s going on.
It makes the tiny little obsessive-compulsive lady in my head feel really really good.





There’s always this unspoken goal of coordination in life that almost everyone has.
Whether it’s in our work, social life, or mind; we all strive for some type of organization somewhere.

But, reality check: complete organization in all aspects of life is pretty unattainable.

You may never know what kind of crazy messed-up curveball the universe will throw at you at any moment because the universe doesn’t care if you have a big test tomorrow that will determine your future. (Don’t worry. It  won’t.)
All it cares about is being in a constant state of confusion.

Go with the flow.
If you can’t schedule your whole life into your phone calendar, then don’t.
Keep things exciting and spontaneous. But don’t forget your priorities.
You’ll know when you have the perfect balance of both; you’ll be happy with who and where you are in life.

Being happy is the best thing you can ever do for yourself.