autumn: the time for change

by justineshungry


Autumn. Fall. The Transition into Winter. Whatever you wanna call it.
Under any name it is still and will always be, to me, my favorite season of the year.
I say this now because it’s a change.
Just wait until Spring, then THAT will be my favorite season of the year because it’ll be a change then.
Change is good.

The leaves change color, the weather gets a little chillier, the layers of clothes start piling onto bodies.
So much is changing so quickly and so obviously.
This is the time for change.

Lately I can’t get out of my head the idea of change.
I’m currently a senior in high school, which means one of the biggest changes in my life is coming up: buying new clothes for winter.
Ha, no. Just kidding. I can worry about that later.
But really though. As a senior in high school, the next couple months will be leading up to me being an adult.
Being independent.
Being on my own in college.


I’m so frikkin’ scared I can’t handle it.

Sometimes I just stop whatever I’m doing and think about what I’m going to be doing in exactly one year and it’s just crazy how different things are going to be from the past almost-4 years I’ve spent in this competitive, sheltered, safe public high school.
How the heck am I going to survive in the “real” world???????????

I’m so excited though, I can’t handle it.

I’m going to be meeting new people, discovering new things, having new experiences, and all of that is going to come from me becoming an adult. I mean, I guess that happens on a daily, but it’s definitely going to be on a different type of daily next year, if that makes sense.

Things are going to change and I have to accept embrace it.


But what if autumn never ended.
What if the seasons never changed.
What if we were stuck with this same setting for the rest of our lives.

Then we wouldn’t get excited about anything anymore.
Nothing new or interesting would occur.
No one would have anything to look forward to.


Let’s face it though. Change is necessary and unavoidable.
We can’t go through life denying the inescapable horror we call Change.

We need to prepare the sacrifices for this monster and smother it with love in hopes that it will treat us right, because really, once it’s here, there’s nothing we can do about it.



Photography by Jonah Reenders: